Oregon Red Wine - Half-Case (12-187ml cans or 3-4 packs) OUT OF STOCK

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Oregon Red Wine- OUT OF STOCK

When we were deciding on what kind of red wine to make and put in cans, there was I feeling we couldn't escape. With all of the vineyard choices we could make , we wanted to make a wine that would have an appearance, body and mouthfeel, and fruit presence which screams "drink me outside." During harvest, at the end of the day, we are drinking cans of lager. After a night of two or three Fort George 1811 Lagers, I had a flash.                                                                                       One of our great moments was introducing Mom to one of our favorite wines  - Côte-Rôtie. So, since we like pulling off the absurd, we began the idea of making an approachable table wine but in the style of that region. It also happens to be a style of red with the type of acid, and fruit which seems utterly appropriate for drinking outside. SIttin at a picnic bench, devouring charcuterie and cheese, and praying that you will be done cleaning out the De-stemmer, and Press by midnight. Al so we can wake up and start over again. 13.2% ABV. Release Date September 10, 2017. Drink Now through September 2019.

A portion of this purchase will go toward non-profits that benefit women and mother's worldwide.

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