Mama's on a Mission

Dear Mom was founded to pay homage to the women who create us, who inspire us to dream, who hold us tight when we are cold, who lift us when we have fallen, and who give us hugs and kisses and high-fives when we thrive. Dear Mom is dedicated to providing a premium and convenient wine experience that will have a far-reaching impact. We are a wine with a mission!

Each month we will donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity whose work benefits mom's locally and globally.  We encourage you to explore each of these dynamic organizations and donate further if you have the means.

For the month of December, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to: and Friends: Is a cause near and dear to our co-founders heart. He lost a very close childhood friend named Jamie Lynn Leamon to Cervical Cancer when she was in her early twenties. This fantastic organization was started and inspired by Tamika Felder. They envision a world free from cervical cancer – where no woman has to go through what we have been through. No child has to lose a mom, no woman or man has to lose their life partner, no parent has to lose their daughter, no person has to lose their friend, and no woman has to lose her fertility and suffer through cancer treatment.

For the month of November, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon. Where they "envision an Oregon where everyone is healthy and thriving, with access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food. To bring that vision into reality, we raise awareness about hunger, connect people to nutrition programs, and advocate for systemic changes that end hunger before it begins. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon

We document the extent of hunger coordinate and publicize existing services, advocate for programs and policies to eliminate hunger. Our goal is to provide family economic stability and food security so that all Oregonians have sufficient means and ready access to an adequate amount of nutritious, quality food."  

For the month of October, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Womenspace of Eugene, Oregon is…a local nonprofit that serves victims and survivors of domestic violence in intimate partner relationships. We provide emergency crisis intervention to help victims and their children escape the immediate danger of abusive relationships, but also provide support services that help them transform from victims into survivors who have reclaimed their lives and live without violence and fear of further abuse.

For the month of September, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

 R.A.I.N. or Refugees Assistance and Information Network - R.A.I.N. believe a global movement is needed to change the narrative about refugees and migrants, both on the public side, and on the humanitarian side. Their strategy involves addressing both aspects of this, but requires participation from you too. RAIN is building a database of best practices that can be used to create effective programs around the globe. Why rewrite the wheel every time a new crisis occurs, or a new program or shelter is opened? Most professional disciplines have access to experts and information, so we decided humanitarians should too. We offer technical assistance and professional consultation to new programs serving refugees and programs needing training and development. 

For the month of August, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S HEALTH COALITION - The IWHC "since 1984...has taken courageous stands and achieved political victories for women and girls globally and in local communities" and have received a perfect score from

For the month of July, 2017 our first ever donation will be made to:

THE SPOON FOUNDATION  This highly respected foundation are "building a world where children without families and those with disabilities are seen, nourished, and given a chance to thrive."


WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT OREGON WINE?  Oregon has a reputation for producing old-world styles of wine that approach the qualities you would find in western Europe.  We produce wine of character that has variation from vintage to vintage. We try our hardest not to manipulate the wine and let it flourish naturally. 

HOW MUCH WINE IS IN EACH DEAR MOM CAN? These are 187ml servings, which is essentially a standard pour at your local watering hole.  A 4-pack of Dear Mom is equal to approximately 1 standard 750ml sized bottle of wine. 

DOES THE CAN AFFECT THE TASTE OR CONSISTENCY OF THE WINE? In short, No. The can we use has a liner that prevents the aluminum from contacting the wine and the can is resistant to damage by light or oxygen. Our wine has been tested and approved!

ARE THESE CHEAP, LOW QUALITY WINES? No, these are made with great care by hand, and are representative of great value for wine with a true Oregon pedigree.

WHO IS DEAR MOM TARGETED TOWARD?  People that are fun, brave, adventurous, and who seek out great wine. People who love, respect and praise the ladies that brought them into this world and who taught them never to drive under the influence.

WHERE CAN I FIND DEAR MOM WINES? Dear Mom has recently launched in the greater Portland area.  Go ahead and explore the  Product Locator at bottom of main page.


The Most responsible. The Highest quality. The Best tasting.

Try it and experience the difference! 


About Us

Adrift in the Florida Keys

It was a hot and muggy Saturday in Marathon, on the Florida Keys. There is a military base there, and hotels that offer cheap, dusty rooms stocked with broken air conditioners. The team had lost the night before to another highly renowned squad with true athletic prowess in nearby Tavernier.

They were exhausted, overmatched, and breathless with each sprint down the court. Toward the end of the second half, the Suns of the mighty University School were still battling for every inch of space against Marathon High. The ball was worked around the perimeter, and a fresh-faced junior name Jonathan Canter pulled up from the foul line .....  Read More

Robert Karmin

Robert Karmin is the visionary behind Dear Mom and is also our winemaker.  His mother Jo-Ann called him Roberto, and is never too far behind for any successes, and is even closer through difficult times. He is a Co-Founder of Coopers Hall Winery in Portland, Oregon and a graduate of the Oregon School of Law with a proven track record of entrepreneurial success and leadership in the Oregon wine industry.            

Jonathan Canter

Jonathan Canter is the Propeller, and Proselytizer of Dear Mom. Always his #1 promoter, Jonathan's mom Fern encourages and challenges him to reach beyond what might seem possible. An attorney by trade, Jonathan's past includes multiple leadership roles in the sales and marketing fields at fortune 500 companies. Born and raised in Miami, and now a long time New Yorker, he knows he can still beat Rob in one-on-one if given the chance.

Love Dear Mom Wine Co.?

Friends of Mom: Where you can find us.

The following is a list of some of the most radical and forward thinking businesses in the world. They love their moms, and they stock Dear Mom wine. So give them a fist bump or a high five for us when you drop by to grab your cans of wine. If there is anyone you do not see on this list that should be, send us a line -

21st Ave Quick Stop - NW PDX

21st Ave Bar - NW PDX

9th Avenue Mini Mart - NW PDX

Alto Bajo - SW PDX

Artists Repertory Theater - SW PDX

Bailey's Taproom - SW PDX

Bazi - SE PDX

Beer - SE PDX

Beer Store Milwaukie - Milwaukie, OR

Belmont Station - SE PDX

Ben’s Bottle Shop - Vancouver, WA

Beulahland - SE PDX

Bigfoot Inn - Washougal, WA

Bill’s Market - Lafayette, OR

Boondox Market - Longview, WA

BrewStop - SW PDX

Camas Meadows Golf Club - Camas, WA

Caps and Taps - Camas, WA

Carson General Store - Carson, WA

Cascade Select Market - Castle Rock, WA

Cedar Mill Liquor - Beaverton, OR

Center Market - McMinnville, OR

Center Market - Salem, OR

Columbia Grocers - Cascade Locks, OR

Commodore Grocery - SW PDX

Costless Market - Hillsboro, OR

Costlo - SW PDX

C.C. Slaughter's - NW PDX

Deer Island Store - Deer  Island, OR

Dinty’s Market West - The Dalles, OR

Discount Tobacco - Vancouver, WA

Ed’s Market - NW PDX

Elephants NW 22nd - NW PDX

Elephants on Corbett - SW PDX

Elephants on Kruse Way - Lake Oswego, OR

Elkridge Country Club - Carson, WA

Evergreen Center Market - N PDX

Express Market - SW PDX

Flying Elephants Kruse Way - Lake Oswego, OR

Flying Elephants Foxtower - SW PDX

Green Zebra Lombard - N PDX

Growl Movement Keizer - Keizer, OR

Harvest Fresh Market - McMinnville, Or

Heavy Metal brewing - Vancouver, WA

Hi Lo Hotel - SW PDX

Hillsboro lIquor Store - Hillsboro, OR

Hood River Liquor Store - Hood River, OR

Hop N Grape - Longview, WA

Jim’s Thriftway - Banks, OR

John’s Marketplace - SW PDX

Kalama Shopping Center - Kalama, WA

Lardo se - SE PDX

Liberty Tap Works - The Dalles, OR

Longview Country Club - Longview, WA

Ma and Pa Market - SW PDX

Market of Choice - SE PDX

McCormick Pier Grocery - SW PDX

McMenamin's NW 23rd Ave Bottleshop - NW PDX

Mikey's Pizzeria - McMinnville, OR 

Mountain Park Grocery - Lake Oswego, OR

Milwaukie Cafe - Milwaukie, OR

Multnomah Athletic Club - SW PDX

Natural Mart #3 - NW PDX

Nectar Cafe - NE PDX

Nong's Se Ankeny - SE PDX

North Plains Market - North Plains, OR

NW Liquid Gold - Vancouver, WA

Oak St. Pub - Hood River, OR

On Your Way Market - Hillsboro, OR

One Drop Shop - SE PDX

Our Bar - Washougal, WA

Pints - NW PDX

Pizza Schmizza Barnes RD - NW PDX

Portland Marriott Waterfront - SW PDX

Progress Grocery Beaverton, OR

Prospect Bottle Shop - NE PDX

Quick Stop - Silverton, OR

Rainbow Room - SW PDX

Red Hills Market _ Dundee, OR

River Pig Saloon - PDX, OR

Riverfront Market - Hood River, OR

River’s Run - Detroit, OR

Rose Town Beverages - NE PDX

Saraveza - N PDX

Scappoose Market - Scappoose, OR

Sheridan Bill’s Market - Sheridan, OR

Sherlocks Grocery - St. Helens, OR

Short Stop Market - SW PDX

Solera Brewery - Parkdale, OR

Southside Grocery - Silverton, OR

Stella Taco Alberta - NE PDX

Stella Taco DIvision - SE PDX

Tender Loving Empire PDX Airport - NE PDX

The Beermongers - SE PDX

The Dalles Country Club - The Dalles, OR

Thurman Market - NW PDX

Tobacco Pouch - Salem, OR

Tualatin Liquor - Tualatin, OR

Tualatin Market - Tualatin, OR

Upstream Coffee and Eatery - SW PDX

Uptown Market - Lake Oswego, OR

Verde Cocina Norte - N PDX

Verde Cocina Pearl - NW PDX

Wanker's Country Store - West Linn, OR

Warehouse 1923 - Vancouver, WA

Willamina Select Market - Willamina, OR

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