Sparkletown - Oregon Sparkling White Wine    There is a place where the music never ends. Where the stardust floats through the air and paints every surface. We never need an excuse to smile and be happy - but when we crack open a can of our Oregon Sparkling White Wine, we are immediately transported to Sparkletown.

The Sparkletown is a Pinot Gris shows great acidity and nuance. Not meant to be overly fancy and austere, Sparkletown eases the nerves and relaxes the mind.

Appearance: Straw colored. Fine bubbles. Nose: Floral, apricot. 
Palate: Apricot, peach, and applet. Completely dry. Method: Fermented in stainless steel. Force carbonated. 

Oregon Red Wine

Oregon Red Wine   When we were deciding on what kind of red wine to make and put in cans, there was I feeling we couldn't escape. With all of the vineyard choices we could make , we wanted to make a wine that would have an appearance, body and mouthfeel, and fruit presence which screams "drink me outside." During harvest, at the end of the day, we are drinking cans of lager. After a night of two or three Fort George 1811 Lagers, I had a flash. One of our great moments was introducing Mom to one of our favorite wines  - Côte-Rôtie. So, since we like pulling off the absurd, we began the idea of making an approachable table wine but in the style of that region. It also happens to be a style of red with the type of acid, and fruit which seems utterly appropriate for drinking outside. Sitting at a picnic bench, devouring charcuterie and cheese, and praying that you will be done cleaning out the De-stemmer, and Press by midnight. Al so we can wake up and start over again.  

Oregon Rose'

Oregon Rosé  We  wanted our rose' to represent our commitment to making "wines of the south." In this case, the southwest Oregon. There is undoubted attention given to Provencal style rose', but ours is certainly more representative of a rose' you might find in Cahors or thereabouts. 

The 2017 rose' is 50% Malbec, and 50% Syrah grown in the incomparable Applegate Valley. Vineyard elevations ranged from 1500'-2200'. The darker fruit of Malbec and Syrah produced a richer pink complexion, and the wine is less an exercise in austerity than last year - this wine is all about fruit. 

The fruit was picked early, de-stemmed, and immediately loaded into a 7-ton press on a gentle five hour setting, so this juice had 14-16 hours of “skin time” producing an electric pink pigment that catches the eye. The rose’ is 100% dry but the first thing you notice is the presence of a mouthful of bright fruit. The nose shows fresh picked strawberries with the stem still attached. Vibrant with a subtle floral tone. The palate is bright with characteristics of strawberries and watermelon sorbet. The acidity on the finish is 100% refreshment and makes you wish for just one more sip. 

Oregon White Wine

Oregon White Wine   Our Mom loves to travel and remembers a time before we were born when she tripped away  and took a road trip through the France. She would spend the afternoon under the shade of an olive tree in the field next to a vineyard she would stumble into -  eating bread, cheese and olives, and drinking bottles of delicious white wine.

This year’s Oregon White blend is a Pinot Gris. Lovely light and dry. A nose full of flowers, pear and apple. Honeysuckle and pear on the pallet. Shows great fruit while finishing dry.

Grown at high elevation in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon. The higher elevation allows for nighttime cool air to pass through which lends a positive influence by adding acidity, and character. 


Dear Mom was founded to pay homage to the women who create us, who inspire us to dream, who hold us tight when we are cold, who lift us when we have fallen, and who give us hugs and kisses and high-fives when we thrive. Dear Mom is dedicated to providing a premium and convenient wine experience that will have a far-reaching impact. We are a wine with a mission! Each month we will donate a portion of proceeds to a charity whose work benefits mom's locally and globally. We encourage you to explore each of these dynamic organizations and donate further if you have the means.


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Robert Karmin

Robert Karmin is the visionary behind Dear Mom and is also our winemaker.  His mother Jo-Ann called him Roberto, and is never too far behind for any successes, and is even closer through difficult times. He is a Co-Founder of Coopers Hall Winery in Portland, Oregon and a graduate of the Oregon School of Law with a proven track record of entrepreneurial success and leadership in the Oregon wine industry.            

Jonathan Canter

Jonathan Canter is the Propeller, and Proselytizer of Dear Mom. Always his #1 promoter, Jonathan's mom Fern encourages and challenges him to reach beyond what might seem possible. An attorney by trade, Jonathan's past includes multiple leadership roles in the sales and marketing fields at fortune 500 companies. Born and raised in Miami, and now a long time New Yorker, he knows he can still beat Rob in one-on-one if given the chance.

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