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The Spring issue of Sip NW Magazine has a great piece on NW producers of canned wine. 

So stoked that they love our white wine.

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Jonathan Canter of Dear Mom is interviewed by Big City Moms and declared a SUPERDAD!

Jonathan is on a panel at . You should consider stopping by!

Oh N.B.D., Grubstreet has named Dear Mom "THE BEST RED WINE IN A CAN!"

Robert speaking to Stephanie from KPTV 12 in Oregon

Ellen Bhang over at Boston-based the Food Lens had some lovely things to say about our rose'!

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Our Buds at Tender Loving Empire now feature beer and wine at all of their Oregon retail locations!

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Mama's on a Mission

Dear Mom was founded to pay homage to the women who create us, who inspire us to dream, who hold us tight when we are cold, who lift us when we have fallen, and who give us hugs and kisses and high-fives when we thrive. Dear Mom is dedicated to providing a premium and convenient wine experience that will have a far-reaching impact. We are a wine with a mission!

Each month we will donate a portion of proceeds to a charity whose work benefits mom's locally and globally.  We encourage you to explore each of these dynamic organizations and donate further if you have the means.

For the month of January, 2019 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

9to5 National Association of Working Women

9to5 National Association of Working Women works to build a movement for economic justice, by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions. Founded in 1973, 9to5 is now one of the largest national membership organizations of working women in the U.S., dedicated to putting working women's issues on the public agenda. Over the years, 9to5 has helped raise the expectations of low-wage women, who thought that change was out of their reach. Winning justice for working women, 9to5 fights for paid sick days, equal pay, family-supporting jobs with decent wages, and a strong safety net. We lift up the voices of women in low-wage jobs, build their leadership and empower them to bring about real change.

For the month of December, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

National Domestic Violence Hotline


NDVH envision a world where all relationships are positive, healthy, and free from violence.

Mission Statement

NVDH answer the call to support and shift power back to people affected by relationship abuse.

Values We conduct every aspect of our work to the highest ethical standards and hold ourselves accountable to them. We value transparency and staunchly safeguard the confidentiality of the people we serve. We are committed to learning constantly, developing innovative practices, and evolving strategies as necessary to achieve our mission and vision.  We value performance and results. We always aspire to do our best and to embrace the challenge of exceeding expectations. We work as a team within the organization and with a wide range of partners outside of it in the belief that only through these partnerships will we achieve the broadest impact. We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate an anti-oppression lens in all aspects of our work. We conduct our work with compassion and in the spirit of inclusion, and we meet all individuals with respect and without judgment. Our work begins and ends with the interests of survivors of relationship abuse in mind.

For the month of November, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Doorways for Women and Families

At Doorways for Women and Families, we envision a community where all people live free of violence and have safe and stable housing. That’s why we work to transform the lives of women, men, youth and children who are facing homelessness or suffering abuse in our community. Through the generosity of our partners and supporters, we help our most vulnerable neighbors survive crisis, rebuild their lives and achieve brighter futures.

For the month of October, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Physician Moms Group

Physician Moms Group was founded in November 2014 by Dr. Hala Sabry in an effort to bring together women physicians, who are also parents, so that they can collaborate and support each other while sharing their medical expertise in an open forum

As medical professionals and moms, they are constantly juggling career and family. The PMG mission is to provide resources, a platform to network, and an opportunity to share information with like-minded individuals. The PMG network includes over 71,000 women physicians of all specialties. Their membership spans the globe and is composed of physicians who graduated from medical school (MD/DO/MBBS).

For the month of September, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Literacy Volunteers

Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County, Inc. was founded in 1972.  It is near and dear to our hearts as a Mom in the Dear Mom family - Linda Weisman - has dedicated so much of her time to Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County over the past 15 years.  L.V. provide one-on-one tutoring for both basic literacy and English language learners. Their mission is to empower residents throughout the county who seek to improve their literacy skills, including reading, writing, and speaking, as well as math and computer skills

For the month of August, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

She Should Run

Founded in 2011, She Should Run is a non-partisan 501(c)3 that provides an approachable starting place and network for women leaders considering a future run for office and for those who support them. Our mission is to expand the talent pool of women running for office in the United States by providing community, resources, and growth opportunities for aspiring political leaders.  We believe that women of all political leanings, ethnicities, and backgrounds should have an equal opportunity to lead in elected office and that our democracy will benefit from the varied perspectives and experiences that women bring to leadership. We know that when women run for office they win at the same rates as men. Yet women are not encouraged and recruited at the same rate as men. 

For the month of July, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

The Alzheimer's Association

The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

For the month of June, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

R.I.S.E - Refugee and  Immigrant Services and Empowerment

The RISE Board focuses on identifying areas in which, working collaboratively with partners to make the best use of everyone's expertise, we can accomplish meaningful empowerment for refugees and immigrants with disabilities. In addition, RISE staff attorneys and legal assistants work to ensure those who qualify for disability benefits are able to be approved for benefits, as quickly as possible.

For the month of May, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Grounds For Health

Mission: Reduce cervical cancer among women in developing countries.

Vision: A world in which all women are protected from the threat of cervical cancer by timely and high-quality prevention services.

Identity: We are a mission-driven, international non-profit organization, born out of and with enduring ties to the coffee industry, and focused on increasing coverage of cervical cancer prevention services.

For the month of April, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Rose Haven

Mission and History

Rose Haven serves women and children experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home and other disruptive life challenges. Rose Haven’s mission is to maintain a safe, respectful community while providing our guests with support and services to assist them in regaining stability in their lives.

For the month of March, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Virginia Garcia is a catalyst for change in health care delivery. The Mission of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center is to provide high quality, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate primary health care to the communities of Washington and Yamhill counties with a special emphasis on migrant and seasonal farmworkers and others with barriers to receiving health care. Their vision is simple. They work to ensure that all people in our service area have access to timely, high-quality health services, enabling them to achieve the best possible health outcome.

For the month of February, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Friendship Bridge:

Friendship Bridge is a cause near and dear to us. Friendship Bridge provides microfinance, education, and preventive health services to help clients build resilience and pursue opportunities. We call this our Microcredit Plus program. 100% of our clients are women, and we target rural areas where poverty levels are highest in Guatemala. As part of our Client Continuum Strategy, we segment our clients into DreamersEntrepreneurs, and Leaders,which allows us to offer products and programs tailored to clients’ individual stages of development.

For the month of January, 2018 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Girls Inc. 

Is another fantastic organization making positive change for women worldwide. In partnership with schools and at Girls Inc. centers, we focus on the development of the whole girl. She learns to value herself, take risks, and discover and develop her inherent strengths. The combination of long-lasting mentoring relationships, a pro-girl environment, and research-based programming equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers, and grow up healthyeducated, and independent. Informed by girls and their families, we also advocate for legislation and policies to increase opportunities and rights for all girls.

For the month of December, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to: and Friends:

Is a cause near and dear to our co-founders heart. He lost a very close childhood friend named Jamie Lynn Leamon to Cervical Cancer when she was in her early twenties. This fantastic organization was started and inspired by Tamika Felder. They envision a world free from cervical cancer – where no woman has to go through what we have been through. No child has to lose a mom, no woman or man has to lose their life partner, no parent has to lose their daughter, no person has to lose their friend, and no woman has to lose her fertility and suffer through cancer treatment.

For the month of November, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon.

Where they "envision an Oregon where everyone is healthy and thriving, with access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food. To bring that vision into reality, we raise awareness about hunger, connect people to nutrition programs, and advocate for systemic changes that end hunger before it begins. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon

We document the extent of hunger coordinate and publicize existing services, advocate for programs and policies to eliminate hunger. Our goal is to provide family economic stability and food security so that all Oregonians have sufficient means and ready access to an adequate amount of nutritious, quality food."  

For the month of October, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

Womenspace of Eugene, Oregon

is…a local nonprofit that serves victims and survivors of domestic violence in intimate partner relationships. We provide emergency crisis intervention to help victims and their children escape the immediate danger of abusive relationships, but also provide support services that help them transform from victims into survivors who have reclaimed their lives and live without violence and fear of further abuse.

For the month of September, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:

 R.A.I.N. or Refugees Assistance and Information Network -

R.A.I.N. believe a global movement is needed to change the narrative about refugees and migrants, both on the public side, and on the humanitarian side. Their strategy involves addressing both aspects of this, but requires participation from you too. RAIN is building a database of best practices that can be used to create effective programs around the globe. Why rewrite the wheel every time a new crisis occurs, or a new program or shelter is opened? Most professional disciplines have access to experts and information, so we decided humanitarians should too. We offer technical assistance and professional consultation to new programs serving refugees and programs needing training and development. 

For the month of August, 2017 - you, the loyal fans of our wine, have contributed to:


The IWHC "since 1984...has taken courageous stands and achieved political victories for women and girls globally and in local communities" and have received a perfect score from

For the month of July, 2017 our first ever donation will be made to:


This highly respected foundation are "building a world where children without families and those with disabilities are seen, nourished, and given a chance to thrive."


Sparkletown - Oregon Sparkling White Wine    There is a place where the music never ends. Where the stardust floats through the air and paints every surface. We never need an excuse to smile and be happy - but when we crack open a can of our Oregon Sparkling White Wine, we are immediately transported to Sparkletown.

The 2018 Sparkletown leans heavily on Marsanne and shows great acidity and nuance. Not meant to be overly fancy and austere, Sparkletown eases the nerves and relaxes the mind.

Appearance: Straw colored. Fine bubbles. Nose: Floral, apricot. 
Palate: Apricot, peach, and hints of toast. Completely dry. Method: Co-Fermented in stainless steel. Force carbonated. Release Date: September 1, 2018. Drink now through March, 2020

Oregon Red Wine is sold out until MAY 5, 2019

Oregon Red Wine   When we were deciding on what kind of red wine to make and put in cans, there was I feeling we couldn't escape. With all of the vineyard choices we could make , we wanted to make a wine that would have an appearance, body and mouthfeel, and fruit presence which screams "drink me outside." During harvest, at the end of the day, we are drinking cans of lager. After a night of two or three Fort George 1811 Lagers, I had a flash. One of our great moments was introducing Mom to one of our favorite wines  - Côte-Rôtie. So, since we like pulling off the absurd, we began the idea of making an approachable table wine but in the style of that region. It also happens to be a style of red with the type of acid, and fruit which seems utterly appropriate for drinking outside. Sitting at a picnic bench, devouring charcuterie and cheese, and praying that you will be done cleaning out the De-stemmer, and Press by midnight. Al so we can wake up and start over again. 13.2% ABV. Release Date April 30, 2018. Drink Now through September 2020.

Oregon Rose'

Oregon Rosé 2017  We decided to change things up this with our rose'. Not because wee don't love the 2016 - because we still have a stash of it that still impresses us each time we reach for a can. But instead, we wanted these wines to further represent our commitment to making "wines of the south." In this case, the southwest of France. There is undoubted attention given to Provencal rose', but ours is certainly more representative of a rose' you might find in Cahors or thereabouts. 

The 2017 rose' is 50% Malbec, and 50% Syrah grown in the incomparable Applegate Valley. Vineyard elevations ranged from 1500'-2200'. The darker fruit of Malbec and Syrah produced a richer pink complexion, and the wine is less an exercise in austerity than last year - this wine is all about fruit. 

The fruit was picked early, de-stemmed, and immediately loaded into a 7-ton press on a gentle five hour setting, so this juice had 14-16 hours of “skin time” producing an electric pink pigment that catches the eye. The rose’ is 100% dry but the first thing you notice is the presence of a mouthful of bright fruit. The nose shows fresh picked strawberries with the stem still attached. Vibrant with a subtle floral tone. The palate is bright with characteristics of strawberries and watermelon sorbet. The acidity on the finish is 100% refreshment and makes you wish for just one more sip.

 2017 Vintage Canned in April, 2018. 12.8% ABV. Drink now through May, 2020


Oregon White Wine

Oregon White Wine   Our Mom loves to travel and remembers a time before we were born when she tripped away to Marseilles and took a road trip through the south of France. She would spend the afternoon under the shade of an olive tree in the field next to a vineyard she would stumble into -  eating bread, cheese and olives, and drinking bottles of delicious white wine.

This year’s Oregon White blend is a tribute to those wines - Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne grown sustainably and at high elevation in the Rogue Valley and Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. The higher elevation allows for nighttime cool air to pass through which lends a positive influence by adding acidity, and character. We love the intense aromatics which remind us of wild lavender and citrus, and the palate shows some crisp notes and stone fruit along with hints of meyer lemon and more savory herbs like rosemary. 13.1% ABV. Release Date May 1, 2018. Drink Now through 2020.


WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT OREGON WINE?  Oregon has a reputation for producing old-world styles of wine that approach the qualities you would find in western Europe.  We produce wine of character that has variation from vintage to vintage. We try our hardest not to manipulate the wine and let it flourish naturally. 

HOW MUCH WINE IS IN EACH DEAR MOM CAN? These are 187ml servings, which is essentially a standard pour at your local watering hole.  A 4-pack of Dear Mom is equal to approximately 1 standard 750ml sized bottle of wine. 

DOES THE CAN AFFECT THE TASTE OR CONSISTENCY OF THE WINE? In short, No. The can we use has a liner that prevents the aluminum from contacting the wine and the can is resistant to damage by light or oxygen. Our wine has been tested and approved!

ARE THESE CHEAP, LOW QUALITY WINES? No, these are made with great care by hand, and are representative of great value for wine with a true Oregon pedigree.

WHO IS DEAR MOM TARGETED TOWARD?  People that are fun, brave, adventurous, and who seek out great wine. People who love, respect and praise the ladies that brought them into this world and who taught them never to drive under the influence.


The Most responsible. The Highest quality. The Best tasting.

Try it and experience the difference! 


About Us

Adrift in the Florida Keys

It was a hot and muggy Saturday in Marathon, on the Florida Keys. There is a military base there, and hotels that offer cheap, dusty rooms stocked with broken air conditioners. The team had lost the night before to another highly renowned squad with true athletic prowess in nearby Tavernier.

They were exhausted, overmatched, and breathless with each sprint down the court. Toward the end of the second half, the Suns of the mighty University School were still battling for every inch of space against Marathon High. The ball was worked around the perimeter, and a fresh-faced junior name Jonathan Canter pulled up from the foul line .....  Read More

Robert Karmin

Robert Karmin is the visionary behind Dear Mom and is also our winemaker.  His mother Jo-Ann called him Roberto, and is never too far behind for any successes, and is even closer through difficult times. He is a Co-Founder of Coopers Hall Winery in Portland, Oregon and a graduate of the Oregon School of Law with a proven track record of entrepreneurial success and leadership in the Oregon wine industry.            

Jonathan Canter

Jonathan Canter is the Propeller, and Proselytizer of Dear Mom. Always his #1 promoter, Jonathan's mom Fern encourages and challenges him to reach beyond what might seem possible. An attorney by trade, Jonathan's past includes multiple leadership roles in the sales and marketing fields at fortune 500 companies. Born and raised in Miami, and now a long time New Yorker, he knows he can still beat Rob in one-on-one if given the chance.

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